Custom Orders

Do you have your own plates? Do you want something made special just for you? Use the custom order request form below to tell me what you want made.  Include as much detail as you can, and I will contact you to work out details.

Custom Order Pricing

If you are providing all of the license plates to make your items, the prices are:

  • Keychains (You provide 1 plate) $7
  • Cuff Bracelets (You provide 1 plate) $10
  • Pencil Cups (You provide 1 plate) $20
  • Suet Bar Feeder (You provide 2 plates) $25
  • Alpine or Dutch Style Birdhouse (You provide 3 plates) $30
  • Cabin or Church Style Birdhouse (You provide 4 plates) $35
  • Star (You provide 5 plates) $90

If you don't have enough plates to make the whole item, I can use some from my collection to finish it. l add $10 to the custom price for each missing plate.

Custom Order Request