Here is some of the most commonly asked questions I get about my work.

License Plate Questions

  • Where do you get your license plates?
    • Junkyards, mostly. Some do come from antique stores.  Gathering plates is a big part of the work I do in making the items you see in my store.
  • Will you sell me a license plate?
    • No.  Since gathering the plates is so difficult for me, I'm not willing to sell individual plates.
  • Will you make something for me out of my license plates?
    • Yes.  This is a very common request, and I love to make custom items.  Please check out my custom orders page for more information.

Product Questions

  • Why do you not have my state in the product I want?
    • Since all the products are made from reclaimed materials, I can only make new products when I find the license plates.  I try to have all fifty states available in each product, but that doesn't always happen.  Please check back, or join my email list for updates when new items become available.
  • Why is my state more expensive than the others?
    • Sourcing license plates from states that have a low population, or require residents to return their license plates, or both can make plates from certain states very hard to find, and very expensive when I can find them.  I try to keep the price down as much as I can, but some states are just too expensive and have to be sold at higher prices.
  • Is mine damaged?  It has a hole/scratch/dent in it.
    • Everything I make is repurposed from real license plates.  Sometimes they look new.  Sometimes, they have been sitting on the back of an old car in a junkyard for 40 years.  Sometimes, they have clearly been through car accidents.  I personally enjoy the character of an old plate, or one that has some really distinctive distressing.  I feel like those plates have a story to tell.  All the items I make are functional, regardless of the kind of dents, dings, or scratches that show up in the plates. Every single item is one of a kind.  If not knowing exactly what you are getting makes you nervous, check out my show schedule and buy from me in person.  I'm also working on a map for the stores that carry my work, so you can see them before you buy them.
    • Are the license plates safe? Why do you have to provide warnings?
      • License plates are safe for lots of uses.  However, they have all been exposed to car exhaust.  Vintage plates may have been painted with lead paint.  Some of the license plates may be rusty, or have other corrosion.  The products aren't food, and you shouldn't eat them, chew on them, or snort the dust and dirt that may come off of them.  But they make great products that will last for decades even outdoors.

    Birding Questions

    • Will the birds actually use these products?
      • Yes! My bird feeders at home are constantly visited by Northern Cardinals, Chickadees, Tufted Titmice, Downy Woodpeckers, and White Breasted Nuthatches.  I see occasional visits from other species as well.  A bird the size of the Northern Cardinal is about the largest that will visit the feeder due to the roof.  The large birdhouse styles are also sized for a bird about the size of the Norther Cardinal.  The birds that visit you will depend on your location.
    • Will the sharp edges hurt the birds' feet?
      • No.  Birds are so small and lightweight that they can stand on the edges of the metal without any issues.  The thin metal does tend to deter larger animals, such as squirrels and raccoons.

    Commercial Questions

    • I love your work! Can I carry it in my store?
      • Yes.  I do sell through retail shops.  I can offer zip code exclusivity.  I'm working on developing a map of all my existing retail locations now.  My prices may change without notice based on what I'm paying for license plates.  I do my best to avoid passing those prices on to my customers as much as possible, but working with reclaimed material puts me in a place where I can't control all of my costs.  Contact me via email at wholesale@pl8lady.com to make sure I see your request right away.
    • Can you help me decorate my store/office/restaurant?
      • Yes. I've done several decor pieces for commercial customers.  This includes wall art, custom light fixtures, and more.  Contact me to discuss your plans and we will work together to come up with a plan for custom accent pieces to fit your needs.