Massachusetts Holiday Wreath

Massachusetts Holiday Wreath

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This holiday wreath is made from a Massachusetts license plate star, license plate ornaments, an indoor-outdoor pre-lit wreath on steel frame, and loads of time and love by the PL8Lady. 

This listing is for exactly the wreath pictured here, as it is a one-of-a-kind item. 


Every star is made from real, recycled license plates. The plates are attached with aluminum rivets, and coated chain is used on the back for easy hanging.

Shipping & Returns

Each star comes boxed. The star is wired into the box to ensure it does not move inside the box during shipping to protect the corners.

Any returned star must be wired into the box to protect the corners, otherwise return will not be refunded.


Stars are approximately 24" from tip to tip. With two points on the ground, they stand about 22.5" tall.

Care Instructions

Stars have a section of chain on the back to allow for easy hanging from a hook or nail. Stars can be hung indoors or outdoors. If hanging outdoors, it is recommended to use wire through the holes to tie it down to prevent it from blowing away in a storm. If it gets dirty, wash it like you would wash your car.

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